Monday, August 24, 2009

Skinhead WIP XI

Started on the engine. Pre-dirtied with some squadron paste.
A "bootlace" pipe will be running from the main outlet, which was a radiator housing cut from a King Tiger engine deck.
The grey tube underneath is the silencer, which was built out of a fueltank from an unknown kit (my father wargames and misses all the fiddly details off his tanks, so I get them ), and two top plates again from a King Tiger fume extractor vent.

Depending on whether I add any extra units to the outside, the exhaust pipe will either run straight to the silencer and then split, or it may split before.. I'm basically doodling on this model.
Either way after the split one pipe will go to the exhaust to vent waste gasses, while the other goes into that inverted Panther exhaust, making it look like the engine is siphoning off gas that can be reused in the engine.

I've removed the welds I had added so far as after looking at my references

It doesn't really look all that similar.
I'm going to try a different way of adding the welds using squadron putty piped into the gaps, I'll be running some tests. Though this might mean I have to rebuild the edges of the plates.
Ah well making you're mistakes look purposeful is one of the challenges of modelling.

I'm trying not to rush this like my previous builds because I'd rather have one or two really good looking builds on my shelf than 20 crappy ones

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