Monday, August 30, 2010

Neuspotter 1:20 kit III

Only a few details to fix up, like filling in the ends of the springs on the slim forearm, and the aerials left to do. Then I can prime!

A little bit of fixing up is needed on the AG pods. The new coiled wire unfortunately acts as an optical illusion, making it difficult to get is straight.
Even when its shown to be with rulers, my brain keeps telling me it looks wonky!
Well and it is a little, it hangs slightly from the middle, but sits straight from above. :-\
Think its more to do with how the new parts sit, might have to redesign the modifications.
Not too much of a problem as I plan to do the AG casing a different colour, and can start painting while I work on this. ;)

The main parts all together. The next jobs here:
Cable cutting for the various wires and pipes but that won't take more than an hour or so for the whole kit.
Adding in some texture here and there on the body which takes minutes.

The engine bells, fuel tanks (which will now run hoses to the bells rather than the stem), a domed sensor that will mount on the side of the body, and the chestplate.

The new head plate now has miniature shipbuilders bolts attached.
For the dome of the aerial I thinned down some stopping with cellulose thinners, which I stippled on the surface and sanded back slightly.
The eyeplate has had the lens drilled out. I plan to replace this with a lens from a webcam.

By texturing different parts in different ways I hope to reduce the made from plastic look as much as possible, by making it apear to be constructed of various materials.
Hopefully making the whole model look more real.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Neuspotter 1:20 kit III

My Ma.k. Kebab

I've run the rod that will hold it above the base right the way through the structure.
This essentially means most of the model is sat on a supporting metal frame, making it stronger. Only the arms and rear detail will be hanging from it.

Unfortunately I screwed up drilling the cap from the memory module, so I had to replace it.

Three wheelparts from the Revell 1/35 RS0/03 kit make up the new cap.
Though this has meant I've been able to strengthen the point the rod makes contact with the model.

I've added a few new ports on the main body, I want it to have more cabling snaking around.
Also added a new armour plate, and some more surface detail from random tank parts.

I've also made some progress on the AG pods.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Neuspotter 1:20 kit II

Started working on the anti-grav engines.


Cutting out the unwanted parts, its only roughcut so far though.
I'll be fitting these two reels in the middle to replace the badly moulded parts.


Should look like this when done, only better.


Apart from that I've given the fuel tanks a cast texture, to give them a high pressure look.


I've also finished off a few details on the head and memory unit, short aerials and stuff like that.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Neuspotter 1:20 kit.

A collation of forum posts over the last couple of months, My Neuspotter kit.

An SF3D Original Neuspotter (released in the late 80's, none of your ZBV3000 rubbish here)

Some of the multimedia parts and the sprues, there's quite a lot to these kits :D

Some more work done on the head, I've drilled some points to replace kit parts with brass and alu rod, also I've scored out pits around some parts so I can add weld beads and the like.

I build in subassemblies so it actually looks like this.

Also some work completed on the arms.

Decided that if I am going to add a sand cast texture to the head I'd have to make it look cast in parts. I was planning on this anyway, but rushed ahead of myself.

So the first stage was to cut it up.
Then I added plasticard strips so I can remount the plates.

These strips make it easier to fit the pieces as individually they are more flexible than a single piece.

Once they're all together I can remodel the edges of the plates to make a thin weld strip (similar to the welds seen on a Kingtiger)

I've also drilled out holes for extre greeblies like some more antenna and sensor housing.

I've added extra detail to the top panel with some hinges, I also plan some kind of grip or handle, and maybe a tension spring.

The kit Saturn V engine bells have been replaced with resin aftermarket parts.

Plus I'm preparing for the end-build by getting some spring cable ready, there will be two types. This plain cable, and also a cable with control wire I'll be producing from some pallet straining wire.

Also I've got as far as test-fitting the majority of the body.
Those wire arms are a b**** to put together!

The next stage I'll mostly be concentrating on the head, I figure its the bit that will be looked at the most.

I've replaced a number of plastic parts with brass and aluminium rod, as well as adding a few greeblies of my own.

The main part of the head is pretty much finished, quite pleased with the additions I've made.

Spent this eve preparing the model for zimmerit (one half at a time so the masking doesn't send me mad!

I've applied the zimmerit to the bottom half of the memory module, now I just have to knock it back a bit with sandpaper.

Then remove the mask and tidy up before starting on the other half.

Its coming along. :D

I have a few more ideas. Apart from the heads new sensor visor, the head and memory module are pretty much done barring the fine details.

The head with its new visor and carry handles for the sensor plate.

The memory module with its coat of Zimmerit , I have no idea what its for. Chemical EMP baffle? Signature damper??
I've also given the flat open portions a slightly uneven texture (like lightly rippled and dented rolled steel.), to to cover up that smooth plastic 'its a kit' look..

I've re-plated a boring pipe on the stem with parts from the Revell 1/35 RS0/03, PaK 40 kit.
Other than that I've added new ports where the cables run from the body into the stem.
I need to texture the open area on the back of the stem (flat rolled metal), and texture the plates at the front (cast looking).
Also I need to add a collar top and bottom to ensure a flat fit at either end.

The next area I'm paying attention to is re-rigging the pipework/cabling on the body, to something make that looks realistic to me. (not explained mind you, just stuff that looks like it would work.)
Its mostly dictated by whats coming from the head and lower portions, plus whatever greeblies catch my eye while I'm putting it together.
I feel these models benefit from a little extra depth to make them believable.

After that I have the Antigrav modules to rebuild, they picked the worst place to put a split so I'm going to make the coils from scratch and refit the housing over the top.

The orange highlighted parts are the areas I need to remove.

I kinda noodle on the bigger kits, about half of the changes are planned. The other half just kinda evolve as I'm going.