Monday, August 30, 2010

Neuspotter 1:20 kit III

Only a few details to fix up, like filling in the ends of the springs on the slim forearm, and the aerials left to do. Then I can prime!

A little bit of fixing up is needed on the AG pods. The new coiled wire unfortunately acts as an optical illusion, making it difficult to get is straight.
Even when its shown to be with rulers, my brain keeps telling me it looks wonky!
Well and it is a little, it hangs slightly from the middle, but sits straight from above. :-\
Think its more to do with how the new parts sit, might have to redesign the modifications.
Not too much of a problem as I plan to do the AG casing a different colour, and can start painting while I work on this. ;)

The main parts all together. The next jobs here:
Cable cutting for the various wires and pipes but that won't take more than an hour or so for the whole kit.
Adding in some texture here and there on the body which takes minutes.

The engine bells, fuel tanks (which will now run hoses to the bells rather than the stem), a domed sensor that will mount on the side of the body, and the chestplate.

The new head plate now has miniature shipbuilders bolts attached.
For the dome of the aerial I thinned down some stopping with cellulose thinners, which I stippled on the surface and sanded back slightly.
The eyeplate has had the lens drilled out. I plan to replace this with a lens from a webcam.

By texturing different parts in different ways I hope to reduce the made from plastic look as much as possible, by making it apear to be constructed of various materials.
Hopefully making the whole model look more real.

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