Monday, August 24, 2009

Skinhead WIP XI

Started on the engine. Pre-dirtied with some squadron paste.
A "bootlace" pipe will be running from the main outlet, which was a radiator housing cut from a King Tiger engine deck.
The grey tube underneath is the silencer, which was built out of a fueltank from an unknown kit (my father wargames and misses all the fiddly details off his tanks, so I get them ), and two top plates again from a King Tiger fume extractor vent.

Depending on whether I add any extra units to the outside, the exhaust pipe will either run straight to the silencer and then split, or it may split before.. I'm basically doodling on this model.
Either way after the split one pipe will go to the exhaust to vent waste gasses, while the other goes into that inverted Panther exhaust, making it look like the engine is siphoning off gas that can be reused in the engine.

I've removed the welds I had added so far as after looking at my references

It doesn't really look all that similar.
I'm going to try a different way of adding the welds using squadron putty piped into the gaps, I'll be running some tests. Though this might mean I have to rebuild the edges of the plates.
Ah well making you're mistakes look purposeful is one of the challenges of modelling.

I'm trying not to rush this like my previous builds because I'd rather have one or two really good looking builds on my shelf than 20 crappy ones

Monday, August 17, 2009

Skinhead WIP X

Replaced the cover because of a botched Riveting job.
This one fits a little better I think, I've also filled out behind that with white Squadron paste.
I might want to drill there at some point so I want it to be nice and solid

After that I cut a roughly 2mm wide strip from some thin plasticard and glued it over the putty.
I'll blend this into the bodywork with some Green Stuff, and add some other small details I have planned

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Skinhead WIP IX

I want it to look like its had a bit of modification and repair by the unit.
Like its been adapted to suit Mercenary battle tactics.

Added a small cover for the engine this eve.

I used the square plastic sheet from the Heinrich kit to make it, I scrubbed it with some sandpaper to take the shine off.
Then roughly marked out the shape I wanted

After cutting and shaping around a dental tool, I ended up with this
Measurements consisted of holding the part up to the model and roughly marking the bend points.

Then it was simply a case of glueing it on. when its dry I'll finish it off..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Skinhead WIP VII

Decided to hang equipment off the bodywork of my Skinhead, It'll Look like this:
..but different Just a quick mockup of how it might look, obviously not mag pouches.
I'll have to sculpt them with greenstuff so that should be fun.
I've collected a number of reference photos as I want to hit somewhere between tank stowage, and infantry webbing.

so armed with a choice selection from the spare sprues box

I just have to construct the sensor units, make a few small additions to the engine, add some cowling details, build the hinges for the hanging plates, and figure out how I'd hang this equipment off the bodywork.
I'm thinking U shaped hangers and hooks (think mirror hooks) with a rope holding it down.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Skinhead WIP VI

Bit more done, screwed up adding some extra hooks so had to fill them in.
Will have to rethink that one.
Still have the ones at the back, will have a tow cable looped round it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Skinhead WIP V

Little more progress, Big plate hinge to be mounted where the lower mark is on the body.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Skinhead WIP IV

I I'll paint the green a bit darker though, and larger more random shapes..
Progress update:
First off I fixed the back of the hatch so it met with the body.

Added a seal between the hatch and the opening, and puttied new welds on.

I'm hardly the tidiest of modellers!

More of a personal thing really, wanted to see how it would look with a seal.
It has gaps for water run off top and bottom, and sits the hatch quite snugly.

The welds for the side plates still need doing..

And some of the welds have suffered at the hands of change, so I'll probably have to pull the engine mount ones off and redo them.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Skinhead WIP III

I like the shapes of the spots on that Giraffe it seems to be a variation on the normal regular splodge pattern on other Giraffes. Also I like the blend that goes on underneath.
Sort of like this, but different at the same time.

For the texture I use Mr Surfacer applied with a sponge and cut/sanded flat afterwards.
The sponge sticks a little and provides a core for the larger flat areas that are raised above the plastic. Giving a nice heavy Sandcast texture.

Skinhead WIP II

Weld beads added (well the biggest ones anyway).

Skinhead WIP I

On its way.

Carved out the lines for new weld beads, will be adding various details that I feel will improve
upon the original without changing the shape too much. stuff like hinges for the plates.
Using a layering idea, the Cast texture and "strahl" welds are under the mods added by the mercs so are finished before I add the extra armour plates and so on.

Based on this sort of colour scheme.

But using a breakup pattern inspired by this. (I saw a nature program the other day and *ping*!)