Thursday, August 11, 2011

1/10 SS Panzer Commander Camo base

Added the base colours to the jacket.
These will aid the blends I'll be adding over the top.



Monday, August 8, 2011

1/10 SS Panzer Commander cleaned up and basecoated

A bit more progress on the bust.

Had to re-do the back of the hat, the area had been destroyed by a casting lug.
I used Kneadatite to expand the join to the head, edging cord, and make the shape.
Then I blended the shape in with MMD Green Putty, this creates a skin and hardens the surface of the Kneadatite for whatever reason. It makes it easier to sand smooth.

The edge of one of the epaulettes had a mising piece, so I replaced that with Plasticard.

I started on the face by painting a deep red in to all of the areas that blood pools.
The paint is still wet here, not gloss.

Here's the head after a couple of layers, I'm changing the jacket colour to make it Autumn Oakleaf with a reversible winter side.