Sunday, October 17, 2010

G-Pawn II

Another forum post transcription.

Slabs are drying on the Proto base. Started on a model to keep a promise to Rsteiner.
This isn't going to be your usual AFS dio, but it is going to be all G Pawn.
The only part I'm leaving off is the helmet, just so people can see the pilot properly. See below for BS reasoning.
I'm also using sculpted joints, and a converted pilot. Plus all the usual adding in missing wires.

Its going to be an early war water survey unit in a fairly new AFS.
Helmets have been removed from the suit by pilots, an act they only get away with due to the units non-combat status.
The units low resupply priority also means a lack of available weaponry, so some members make use of scavanged NPF.
Central to the units specialised role is the use of dogs to aid in the search for water.

I've done a little to the pilot so far.

The plan is to have her pose slightly offset to the suit.
Like she's half hanging inside the body.

I still need to build the inside around the shoulders and the front, and I've only started filling out the space behind.


A bit more work on the pilot, waiting for the masking solution to dry so I can add the shoulder padding.


Most of its covered up now. :-\ The shoulder padding took up more space than I planned.


Changed the shoulders

It needs something to finish off the tops of the arches. But I'll leave that till its set a little more.


Cockpit done I think, Just all the joint covers left to sculpt!

I'll leave this for a while to set properly, and get back to the Proto now I think.

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